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How To Create a Bedroom Style You Love With Custom Wood Furniture

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If you think custom wood furniture is only suitable for rustic or country-themed homes, you are not alone. A common misconception, custom wood furniture is not just for country design styles but will look amazing no matter what your decorating style is. The secret to making custom wood furniture work with any design style is choosing the right accent pieces to complement the natural beauty of wood.

The coastal bedroom

What could be more soothing and relaxing than a coastal-inspired bedroom? Custom wood furniture is the perfect companion to the coastal decorating style that consists mainly of using materials inspired by the natural world outside. Your beautiful wood furniture will be a pleasing match with the nautical fabrics, woven baskets, and shore-inspired accents of the coastal style.

The cottage bedroom

Cozy and inviting, cottage-style decorating evokes memories of a simpler lifestyle. Custom-made wood furniture will enhance the look even further. Choose a plush white comforter for the bed and a white shag rug accent rug to contrast with the wooden bed frame and headboard to create an amazing look in your cottage-inspired bedroom.

The rustic bedroom

It would be difficult to find a better match for a rustic bedroom than custom wood furniture. Choose a bed and dresser made with a chunky wood design to create the best rustic look. Round out the rustic look in the room with hunter-green drapes and a bedspread.

The contemporary bedroom

The secret to using custom wood furniture in a contemporary bedroom is to strike a happy balance between the wood and contemporary elements common in this design style. For instance, you can choose a custom-made wooden bed but balance the look with a metal dresser and lamps. Choose a geometric fabric comforter for the bed to enhance the contemporary appeal of the room.

The Bohemian bedroom

Fun and frivolous, the Bohemian bedroom is a natural fit for wood bedroom furniture because anything goes with this style of decorating. A lighter shade of wood will look best with Bohemian style decorating because it will create a refreshing balance between the bold floral and geometric designs in Bohemian accent pieces.

Warm and inviting, custom wood bedroom furniture is a wise investment in bedroom design. It will look at home in both modern and traditional homes and will complement any interior wall color well. Not only will custom wood bedroom furniture match any design style, but it will also give you years of lasting beauty and enjoyment.