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Choices For Buying An Indoor Bench

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People often use benches as a seating option outdoors, in areas such as their front porch, deck, or patio. This type of furniture can also work well indoors, provided that you choose a bench that ties in with your other furniture and the overall look of your home. When you begin to shop for an indoor bench at a local furniture store, you shouldn't be surprised to see all sorts of different styles. Think about where you'll be placing the bench and how you'll use it, as doing so will help you to identify which bench will be the best fit. Here are some choices that you'll need to make as you shop.


The material from which the bench is made plays a role in its appearance and comfort. There are a lot of indoor benches that are entirely made of wood, while others have a wood or metal frame and upholstered cushions like a sofa. Each style has its own advantages. A wooden bench that has a simple design can work well in many areas of your home, including near your front door, in a hallway, and elsewhere. An upholstered bench will offer a lot more comfort, making it a good fit in your living room, basement, or even your primary bedroom.


You'll need to decide whether you want a bench that has a backrest or no backrest. Wooden and upholstered benches each come in versions with and without backrests. A bench without a backrest offers somewhat of a minimalist look. A bench with a backrest can be more comfortable for people to sit on, particularly if the backrest is upholstered. If you're looking for a bench to add to your living room, a backrest is likely the better choice. However, if you want a simple bench near the front door for people to sit as they remove their shoes, a no-back design can be sufficient.


Some benches have storage space built into them, while others do not. A bench that offers storage space will either have a shelf below the seat or an enclosed space beneath the seat that holds drawers. A lot of people favor a bench that offers storage, simply because many homes can benefit from additional storage space. However, if you want to choose a bench that is light in weight so that you can move it around on occasion, you may prefer a model that doesn't have a shelf or drawers. Keep these topics in mind as you shop for a new indoor bench.

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