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Is Upholstery Restoration Worth It?

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If you have furniture that is threadbare and otherwise in need of care, then you can consider a few things. You can get upholstery restoration done on your furniture, live with it the way it is, or opt to have your furniture replaced.

With the exception of just accepting to live with your worn-out and dated pieces, you have a few options. So, the question is this: should you get upholstery restoration done or should you just buy new pieces of furniture? Is upholstery restoration worth it? Use this guide to find out. 

How old is your furniture?

In other words, how sentimental is your furniture? Is the design from a designer who doesn't make pieces anymore? Is your furniture vintage or antique? The upholstery restoration is totally worth it if you otherwise cannot replace your pieces or if having them reupholstered would increase their value (in the event you want to sell them in the future). Otherwise, if your furniture is just old and doesn't have any real value other than being in the home, you can consider replacing it if reupholstering the pieces is outside your budget.

How dated is your furniture?

Is your furniture in good condition, just a style that is older or a style that you don't like? Are you wanting to try to replicate a style of furniture you love but cannot find or afford? Do you have a favorite piece of furniture you used to own but don't any longer, and hope to replicate via upholstery restoration? This is a great time to take advantage of this type of furniture salvaging and restoration because you can really make your pieces look transformed into something new without a lot of major investment or effort.

Remember: part of upholstery restoration is recovering the pieces when the cushions have thinned out or are sagging. You can have cushions filled and the backs restored to be more supportive and comfortable. You can also have furniture tacks and studs put back in to give pieces a newer appeal as well as have your furniture covers and upholstery replaced or repaired.

In the end, your pieces can look new again and more vibrant and inviting than ever. If you want to get the most out of your upholstery restoration project, call your furniture specialist. They'll show you the many ways you can give your furniture a makeover.

Reach out to a company that offers upholstery restoration to learn more.