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Three Hotel Front Desk Styles

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When you're remodeling your hotel, you'll not only need to think about what changes you want your contractor to make, but also what pieces of existing furniture you'll replace. New furniture can suit the look of a remodeled space, giving your property a stylish and inviting look for guests. When it comes to your lobby, it's important to remember that this area gives your guests one of their earliest impressions of your hotel. As such, you'll want the lobby to look stylish. New front desks in your check-in area can be an asset, and a company that specializes in hotel furniture carries lots of options. Here are three popular front desk styles.


You can expect to see a lot of hotel front desks that predominantly feature wood. While the designs can vary a lot, it's common for the desk's front and sides to be made of wood, with a granite or marble desk top complementing the wood. Various types of hardwood are common for this type of furniture, which will give the desk a high degree of durability. Wood front desks can be a good visual fit in many hotel lobbies, offering a soft look that has a cozy and welcoming feel for guests.


There are also lots of stone hotel front desks on the market, and one of these designs may work well with your lobby remodel. Some front desks use stone veneer in one or more colors around the desk's exterior. For example, you might find a product with white stone or gray stone, each of which can offer lots of style. Many of these desks can tie in with other elements in the lobby. For example, if the space has pillars that are finished in gray stone veneer, you might like the idea of front desks that have a similar stone look.


If your remodeled hotel lobby has a modern look, you might wish to browse some front desks that are made of glass. This material has a clean and contemporary look that can be appealing in a hotel lobby. The glass can appear in all sorts of finishes, including clear, frosted, and tinted in a specific color such as light blue or gray. If your hotel lobby is on the smaller side, which can often be the case in a boutique hotel, glass front desks can be ideal because they don't take up as much visual space as solid materials. Contact a hotel furniture company to discuss front desks for your lobby.

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