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Working Coastal Style: Choosing Home Office Furniture With Shore-Like Appeal

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If you love spending weekends at the beach, it is only natural to want to replicate that feeling in your everyday life. Creating a home office with a coastal theme is one way to make every workday a little more enjoyable. Choosing the right furniture is crucial when designing a coastal-themed home office and following some key tips will help. 

Let nature be your guide

When you are choosing office furniture for a coastal-themed office, color is important and will help you achieve the serene look you desire. Think about the colors of the shoreline, such as sandy beaches, ocean blue waves, gray and tan seashells, and wispy green grass. Look for furniture in these shades that are inspired by nature, and you will be on your way to creating a lovely home office.

Simplicity is the key

Simplicity is everything when it comes to selecting furniture for a coastal home office. Furniture should be simple without a lot of details. While intricate details in furniture can be appealing in other styles of decorating, they only create a distraction in a serene coastal office.

Choose durable wooden furniture with fine lines and a simple shape. You should also keep the furniture on the smaller or medium side. For instance, a small desk looks cozy and appealing, whereas a large and bulky desk can overwhelm a coastal room. Small wooden bookcases can hold fabric bins for filing important papers and will look better than traditional office filing cabinets.

Distressed is best

Look for furniture that has a distressed or weathered appearance. The weathered look is a must-have feature in a coastal office and will mimic the look of outdoor furniture at the beach that has been bleached by the sun or washed over by salt water. If you cannot find distressed office furniture, consider choosing unfinished wooden furniture and having it professionally distressed.

Keep lighting coastal

Choose coastal-themed lamps with burlap fabric lamp shades to add great coastal appeal to your home office. You may also want to consider using lamps with a clear glass base that you can fill with seashells or other beachy accent pieces. Use lower-wattage bulbs to keep your office well-lit without creating a glaring look.

What is not to love about a beautiful home office that makes you think about a relaxing weekend at the shore? Designing a refreshing home office does not have to be difficult, and selecting coastal-style furnishings is the first step to having your dream office. Coastal decorating is simple and evokes thoughts of a subtle ocean breeze and the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

Visit a local office furniture store to learn more.