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Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Needs

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If you are ready to invest in a new mattress, the decision deserves careful consideration. After all, you will spend a good amount of time in bed during your life. Whether that time is spent sleeping or trying to get to sleep, the comfort of your bed makes a big difference. That makes your mattress selection critical. If you're ready to buy a new mattress, there are some key factors that you need to think about.

How Much Support Do You Need?

Everyone sleeps differently and needs varying levels of support from their mattress depending on body size, health, fitness level, and personal preferences. If you are buying a new mattress, you need to determine whether you want something firm, plush, or conforming. This helps you narrow down the material that your mattress is crafted from as well as the kind of mattress that you need.

What Is Your Body Structure?

One challenge that those with larger body structures often struggle with is the durability and support of traditional mattresses. Coil springs can compress and mattress filler may sag under weight after extended use. You can minimize this by rotating your mattress according to the recommendations from the manufacturer, but you cannot prevent it completely. That's why new companies have hit the market with mattresses designed specifically for larger body structures. Many of these mattresses are created specifically for those weighing several hundred pounds or more and are promoted to resist sagging and deterioration.

Do You Rotate Your Mattress?

Most mattress brands recommend that you rotate your mattress periodically. The specific duration and method will vary depending on the type of mattress that you have. Some mattresses are uniform throughout and advise that you not only rotate the direction of the mattress on your bed but also turn it over periodically as well. Other mattresses, like pillow-top styles, advise against flipping the mattress but instead suggest just rotating it directionally.

Are You Looking For A Specific Style?

Adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses, and waterbeds are just as popular as traditional coil spring mattresses. If you want a specific mattress style, consider reaching out to a mattress retailer near you for recommendations and to find the one that works best for your needs.

When so much of your life is spent sleeping, your mattress should be inviting and comfortable. Make sure you have the right mattress for your sleep style and body structure with these considerations.

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