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FAQs About Hybrid Beds

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What is a hybrid mattress? You've heard of hybrid cars—but hybrid beds? If brands with hybrids are at the top of your next-bed list, take a look at what you need to know about this popular option. 

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

As the name implies, a hybrid mattress blends two different types of beds into one. This combination usually includes innersprings and memory foam or similar material that creates an outer comfort system. 

What Are Innersprings?

Innersprings are coils inside (in the inner layer) of the mattress. These coils may differ in shape, thickness, and the system that connects them. According to the Sleep Foundation, the most common types of mattress coils include Bonnell, offset, continuous wire, and pocketed varieties. 

When you sleep on an innerspring mattress, the coils compress and support your body. When you get out of bed, the coils spring back to their original shape, height, and pattern. Even though an innerspring mattress can support an adult's body weight, it may not relieve pressure. The coils also make it more likely you'll feel other movements in the bed. This means if your spouse, partner, or large-breed dog rolls over, you'll know. 

What Are Foam Mattresses?

These mattresses do not use coils inside. As the name implies, a foam mattress is made of foam. This could include polyfoam, memory foam, latex foam, or another similar material. While this type of mattress doesn't have the bounce or spring of an inner-coil option, it can help to relieve pressure and won't cause significant movement transfer. Some types of foam mattresses may also hold in heat. 

Why Combine These Types of Mattresses?

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress? A hybrid provides the best of both worlds. You'll get the structure and stability of an innerspring mattress and the pressure-relieving comfort of foam. The innersprings can also reduce heat retention, making a hybrid a cooler choice than plain memory foam. 

Which Hybrid Mattress Is the Best Choice?

Like innerspring and foam mattresses, you have choices in a hybrid. Before you buy a hybrid mattress, think about what you want in a bed. Do you need a firmer mattress that provides extra support? Will you want additional layers of foam to relieve pressure on your back, neck, hips, or legs? Is cooling a make-or-break issue? List your wants, needs, and have-to-haves. This list will help you to narrow down the selections and choose the best option from a mattress supplier.

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