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Three Reasons To Buy Compact Bedside Tables

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If you're shopping for new furniture for your bedroom, bedside tables should be something on your list of things to buy. These tables offer a lot of functionality, but can also augment the overall look of the bedroom when they match or complement your bed and other pieces of furniture. You'll see lots of different bedside table styles at your local furniture store, ranging from modern to vintage. When you browse these products, you'll likely notice that their size can vary considerably. Here are some reasons that you should think about buying compact bedside tables.

Less Floor Space

While the idea of large bedside tables might be appealing, this idea generally only works well in a bedroom that is very big. In an average-sized bedroom, large bedside tables can take up too much floor space. When you add one of these pieces of furniture to each side of your bed, you might be surprised at how much less floor space you end up with. When you shop for compact bedside tables instead, you'll get to enjoy the functionality of the tables without drastically reducing the floor space in your bedroom.

Less Clutter Risk

There are a few different things that you'll likely want to store on the top of your bedside tables. While a larger table top will provide more room for these items, this can often create visual clutter. If you get in the habit of tossing things on your bedside table before bed and rarely stop to declutter this space, it could eventually become a visual eyesore. When you choose a compact design that has a small table top, you'll be less likely to cover it with items. Instead, you'll likely only use it for the essentials — helping to lower your risk of clutter.

Easier To Move

Smaller bedside tables are also handy because they're easier to move. The larger this piece of furniture is, the higher risk there is of banging it on a door frame or wall when you're moving it around your home. This could be when you're bringing the furniture home or when you're moving homes several years from now. Compact bedside tables are not only light enough for one person to carry with ease, but their minimalist measurements also mean that you can easily navigate tight spaces while carrying this piece of furniture. Visit the bedroom furniture section of your local furniture store to browse its selection of compact bedside tables.