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Reduce Weather Damage By Choosing The Ideal Patio Furniture

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During a visit to an outdoor furniture store, it's easy to feel overwhelmed due to the selection of furniture to choose from. Not only can different patio furniture vary in appearance and function, but they can also differ significantly in terms of durability.

When your home experiences all four seasons and the changes in weather associated with each, you'll need to choose furniture with some protection in mind.  

Opt for Removable Seat Covers

When some of your patio furniture has fabric, it's wise to find pieces that allow for removable covers. Being able to unzip some of your furniture to remove the covers makes it easy to remove them when the weather is poor. If rain, heavy wind, or snow is in the forecast, you'll have the ability to change the covers and even wash them afterward.

Not all upholstered furniture has removable covers and the ease of cleaning can vary significantly. By making this quality a priority, you can make sure that you're able to protect your new furniture well after you've set it up on your patio. 

Carefully Choose Materials

As you shop for patio furniture, it's easy to make mistakes regarding the materials. Since some patio furniture could stand out to you due to the price or appearance, it's wise to check what materials are used. From wood that needs routine sealing to metal that could be at risk of rusting, you'll need to ask questions about durability before making your purchase.

Finding furniture that won't experience water damage or issues related to fading from sun exposure can greatly extend the lifespan of your furniture. Keep your typical weather in mind as you shop for new furniture so the materials won't be a problem.

Include an Awning or Umbrella

An easy way to extend your patio furniture's lifespan is to set up an awning or umbrella. Having your outdoor seating in the direct sun can cause irreversible fading and other kinds of sun damage. Having a sunshade set up can also make it much easier to enjoy your new outdoor furniture since it encourages you to spend time outside. 

Before stepping foot into a furniture store, it's best to know what you should be looking for with the weather in mind. Since some patio furniture can hold up in severe weather better than others, you'll want to be considerate of the differences and what's best for your climate.