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Three Benefits Of An Electric Standing Desk

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A standing desk can be an asset in your home office, giving you the ability to stand at times during the workday when you want to move your legs a little while you work. These desks are often adjustable, which means you can lower them when you want to sit for a period of time. When you shop for one of these desks, you'll find models that you adjust manually and others that adjust with the push of a button. Commonly known as electric standing desks, this design can be more appealing than a manual model. Here are three benefits of an electric standing desk.


A lot of people who use electric standing desks appreciate the ease of this feature. When you wait to raise or lower the surface of the desk, you simply press a button. Conversely, a manual desk requires you to turn a knob or move a lever to change the desk's height. The former option is considerably easier to operate than the latter. If you have a condition such as arthritis in your hands, you may find that it's a lot more appealing to press a button and change the desk's height.


When you press the button of an electric standing desk, you'll notice that the height of the desk changes in a very smooth manner. This isn't necessarily the case when you have a manual option. Raising or lowering these desks can sometimes have abrupt movements. This can be problematic if you have certain things on your desk. For example, if you have a full cup of coffee and you raise or lower the desk with a jolt, the coffee may spill a slight amount. You won't have to worry about such an issue with an electric model.


In general, you'll find that electric standing desks operate very quietly. On some models, it's virtually impossible to hear anything as the desk raises or lowers. On other models, you'll hear a gentle hum during these movements. Some manual models are noticeably louder to operate. For example, if you have to turn a knob, it may squeak, or the lever you have to press may click. The quiet operation of your standing desk can be desirable to a lot of people. For example, if you're on a phone call for work and want to change the desk's height, you don't want the person at the other end to hear anything. Shop for an electric standing desk at a local furniture store.