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How To Find A Highly Durable Amish Dining Set

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Amish-style dining room furniture is much more unique than any furniture you could purchase at a store. You will need to make sure that the furniture you purchase is very durable, however, and that it will be able to last a very long time. There are several factors to look for when purchasing Amish-style dining furniture sets.

The Most Durable Woods

Make sure that the furniture is made out of hard material. This is the best way to make sure that the furniture will last a long time. Maple, oak wood, and teak are all good options. While tables made out of plywood are cheaper, they will not last as long.


You will not necessarily want the most durable woods if your home is humid because more durable woods are also more prone to warping and cracking. Therefore, in some environments, you might want to instead prioritize wood that is meant to last in a humid environment. 

Cleaning Your Furniture

The furniture should be easy to clean. This is because you will need to clean your furniture regularly not only to make it look nice but also to make sure that the furniture doesn't become damaged. Substances that stick to the furniture can cause it to wear out over time.

Glass Dining Tops

If the furniture has a glass dining top, it will need to be very durable so that it does not shatter. It will also need to be scratch-resistant because the glass dining tops will have objects placed on them that are likely to cause scratches. 

Affordable and Durable Wood

If your concern is more about the cost of the table, the type of wood that is the most affordable is pine. This is because pine is a type of wood that is very widespread throughout the United States.

Pine is very capable of withstanding wear and tear despite the fact that it is considered to be a softer wood. However, because it is a soft wood, it will require more maintenance to remain in great condition.

Amish Furniture Finishes

Another important factor with hardwood furniture is the finish. The satin finish is shiny and is the most durable option. Less durable, but also less shiny, is the matte finish. The best finish depends on what you prefer. However, you will want your Amish-style dining furniture set to be finished so that it lasts a long time. 

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