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3 Advantages Of Glass Chair Mats For Pet Owners

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A chair mat provides protection for your floors, but the material you choose can make a big difference in your home. Two of the more common chair mat materials include plastic and glass. If you have pets in the home, then you will find multiple advantages when you choose carpet glass chair mats for the computer chairs in your office.

You may not think your pet has a lot of impact on the type of chair mat you have, but you will find many advantages and can avoid multiple hassles associated with plastic chair mats and pets.

1. Pet Chewing & Scratching

Glass chair mats have a lot more strength than plastic chair mats. On plastic chair mats, claw marks from pets like dogs and cats can result in permanent scratches and a reduction in the quality of the mat. If you have a pet who loves to chew, then they may enjoy the corners of plastic chair mats.

A glass chair mat offers more resistance and does offer pets something to easily chew on. The glass mats will remain in new condition and allow you to let the pets inside the same room as the mat.

2. Pet Accidents

Pets may have accidents and sometimes those accidents could occur around a chair mat. A plastic chair mat could curl around the edges over time. Pet urine could easily roll off the mat and onto the carpet. The urine itself could also stain the plastic mat. When pet urine appears on a glass mat, the urine will pool up and not cause stains on the glass.

As you train your pet and deter them from the behavior, you do not need to worry about the destruction of your mat or the carpets underneath. The durability of the glass will hold up through a lot of wear and tear.

3. Pet Shedding & Cleaning

Plastic is often prone to static electricity and can attract all kinds of small debris like dust. In a home with pets, you may notice your plastic chair mats collect a lot of pet hair and fur. The fur can cling to the mats and eventually jam up in computer chair wheels. The static cling can make create challenges as you try to sweep and remove the fur off the mat.

A glass chair mat makes it easy to remove pet hair and fur. Use a wipe to clean off the mat or simply sweep the fur away. Small handheld vacuums also work well with the mats.

Add glass chair mats to the office spaces in your home and see the differences that occur.